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Shared Web Hosting

Perfect for small websites or blogs that are just getting started.

  • Disk Space
    Web PanelcPanel
  • Data Bandwidth
    Storage03 GB SSD
  • Email Accounts
  • LTDs Domains
    Adons Domains08
  • Disk Space
    DMCA IgnoredYes 100%
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$1.00 /mo

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🇳🇱 Dedicated Server 🇲🇩

Our dedicated server plan is perfect for busy websites or online stores.

  • Disk Space
    DMCA IgnoredYes 100%
  • Disk Space
    NVMe Space480 GB
  • Data Bandwidth
    Bandwidth1Gbps (50 TB)
  • Email Accounts
    RAM32 GB DDR4
  • LTDs Domains
    CPU's2x E3-1245v2
Starting at:

$101.99 /mo

20% OFF Life-Time!

VPS Hosting (NL)

Great for growing websites that need more speed and resources.

  • Disk Space
    DMCA IgnoredYes 100%
  • Disk Space
    NVMe Space25 GB
  • Data Bandwidth
    Uplink100Mbp/S No Limit
  • Email Accounts
    RAM02 GB DDR4
  • LTDs Domains
    CPU's01 vCore Intel
Starting at:

$3.76 /mo

What is Offshore Web Hosting?

Are you looking for a secure and reliable hosting solution for your business website? Are you trying to find a service that won't be subject to DMCA takedown requests? If so, then offshore hosting might be the perfect solution for you.
Offshore web hosting is a great way to keep your website safe online while providing complete anonymity. It is an important consideration for businesses in today's digital world. It allows organizations to maximize their online presence by storing data and websites in different countries while also taking advantage of the lower costs and increased scalability that offshore offers server.ZoneServ is an excellent offshore hosting provider with 2 global data centers in countries known to ignore DMCA notices.
By choosing an offshore hosting provider, you can benefit from the freedom of speech, privacy, and security they offer. With an offshore web hosting provider, you can rest assured that you will not be subject to restrictions imposed by the DMCA. Additionally, It is very cost effective and offers multiple data centers and DDoS protection.

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We has been setting the standard in industry since 2001 and will be around for years to come

We specialize in providing support Dedicated Server, Colocation, Virtual Private Server, Web Hosting, Domain Names and SSL


Move your website to ZoneServ.Com. Transferring your website and domain names to our servers is simple because we handle the process for you!

24/7 Friendly Support

Our support staff is available around the clock to assist you with any technical issue you may be experiencing.

Offshore Hosting Services

Our offshore hosting goals include privacy, data security, and anonymous services.

Dependable Hardware

We guarantee a reliable and high performance because we use high quality Dell and HP branded hardware.

Super Fast Performance

LiteSpeed + LSCache, which employs cutting-edge techniques, accelerates your website.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is DMCA?

DMCA stands for Digital Millennium Copyright Act, and is a law that protects online content creators from having their work stolen or misused without their permission. It's an important piece of legislation that helps protect people’s intellectual property online. But if your web hosting provider is based in a country that has different laws regarding copyrighted material, they may ignore DMCA notifications. That’s why it’s important to make sure your web hosting provider offers offshore hosting no DMCA.

Why Offshore VPS is Important Now a days?

Offshore VPS provides businesses with a variety of advantages, including cost-effectiveness, anonymity, freedom of speech, and data privacy.
Offshore Vps is an ideal solution for businesses that need to keep their data secure and private from government or other agencies who may be monitoring their online activities. By hosting a website in a different country than the one where the business is based, companies can ensure that their data is not subject to any laws or regulations that might otherwise interfere with their operations. Furthermore, offshore hosting eliminates the risk of being exposed to cyber-attacks from hackers or other malicious actors. With its commitment to freedom of speech and data privacy, offshore vps is a great way for businesses to protect their information and remain secure online.

Which Content you Can Host With Us?

If you are inquiring about hosting restrictions, you should be aware that any type of content can be hosted without limitation. If you require additional detail, we can inform you that content related to pirated movies, which may otherwise be restricted by the government, can be hosted without consequence. You can host gaming-related websites, as well as content which may be deemed inappropriate for younger audiences. Additionally, you may host other related content without fear of legal repercussions. We guarantee this to be true.

Do you Need my Personal Information?

We take your privacy very seriously and respect your right to remain anonymous. We are committed to protecting your privacy and will never request your personal information. Absolutely not; your personal information is your own and should remain private.

Is any Migration Fee if i Want Move my Service From Another Provider?

If it’s cPanel to cPanel transfer or WordPress to WordPress migration it’s totally free of cost.

Do you Need my Personal Information?

For privacy oriented customers we do accept crypto payments (BTC, XMR, DASH, LTC, DOGE, ETC, ETH), Perfect Money, Webmoney and Payeer. We also do accept Paypal payments.

Why is There No Free Offshore Hosting?

Many of the advantages of free hosting are outweighed by the risks of hacking and malware. While free hosting does offer some benefits such as the ability to use a domain name, it may lack the security measures and quality control that are necessary in today's cyber-threat environment. Although it's easy to get started with free web hosting, it's much harder to keep yourself safe in the long run. Hackers are getting better and better at identifying vulnerabilities and exploiting them. Offshore hosting is more expensive due to the additional costs associated with renting servers in a foreign country, such as increased compliance costs and the need to pay foreign taxes and fees. Additionally, offshore hosting can be unreliable due to the added difficulties of maintaining a secure connection between the host and the server. As such, businesses and individuals should be prepared to invest in a reliable and safe offshore hosting service, to ensure their data remains secure.

What are the Benefits of Using Offshore Dedicated Server?

Offshore Dedicated Server provides several advantages, such as a more dependable connection, higher security standard, and a more stable environment. Compared to standard web hosting services, offshore dedicated server hosting offers far greater reliability. This is owing to the fact that the server is located in an offshore location, allowing for improved connectivity and more reliable access. Furthermore, the improved security level provides an added layer of protection for users' data. Finally, the more stable environment ensures a smoother server performance.Offshore dedicated server hosting services provide superior security when compared to traditional web hosting. By locating the server in a different country and behind a firewall, potential intruders and hackers are significantly inhibited.

Is all Countries DMCA Ignored 100%?

Not all countries recognize the DMCA, which is why many users turn to countries that are known as "DMCA ignored countries". These are countries that have highly lax copyright laws, or no copyright laws at all. Some of the most popular DMCA ignored countries include Malaysia, Netherlands, Eritrea, Turkmenistan, Moldova, and Scandinavian countries like Norway, Russia, and Sweden. Each of these countries offers different benefits for hosting websites and other content. For example, Netherlands is one of the only countries that offers almost complete anonymity for hosting, while Moldova allows users to accept Bitcoin payments. Ultimately, choosing a country that ignores the DMCA can be beneficial for those who want to host their content without worrying about copyright issues.

Difference Between Dedicated Server and VPS (Virtual Private Server)

Are you trying to decide between a dedicated server and a VPS for your website? It can be tricky to figure out the best option for your needs. In this blog post, we’ll break down the differences between these two hosting solutions and help you decide which is right for you.

1. Security Considerations: When it comes to security, there are some key distinctions between dedicated server and VPS hosting. Dedicated hosting provides a higher degree of security due to the dedicated resources being allocated solely to one customer. Conversely, VPS hosting involves shared hardware but with virtualised resources. Both hosting types feature advanced security measures, such as hardware firewalls. However, due to its dedicated nature, dedicated hosting can implement additional, more traditional security measures.

2. Cost Differences: VPS hosting is typically more cost-effective than dedicated servers, which provide users with access to all the hardware on the server. Dedicated servers are usually more expensive than VPS hosting. On the other hand VPS hosting provides users with a virtual environment that is separate from other users, and resources are allocated on an individual basis. This allows users to pay for only the resources they need, making VPS hosting a more economical solution.

3. Hardware Resources: When it comes to hardware resources, dedicated hosting provides greater control over hardware components. This allows for selection and customization of components to satisfy individual requirements. On the other hand, VPS hosting is limited in terms of hardware resources since you are only able to use what is available from the host. However, VPS hosting does offer more flexibility in terms of scalability and availability. You can easily scale up or down your server resources depending on your needs.